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Ascent Project
1 - Performance criteria and benchmarking

This work-package aims at identifying the optimal integration of Ca-Cu, CSHIFT and SER processes into large scale plants for electricity and hydrogen production. The definition of the reference plants with and without CO2 capture will also be addressed to be used as benchmark for the technical and economic performance of the innovative plants.

The configuration of NGCC without CO2 capture and with post-combustion CO2 capture are directly taken from the EBTF (European Benchmarking Task Force) document. The IGCC plants are also mainly based on the EBTF document. The specific primary energy consumption for CO2 avoided (SPECCA) index, introduced in EBTF document to evaluate energy and environmental performance, is also used. Methodology and results obtained have been agreed and shared with the twinned Australian partner Professor Dianne Wiley and Dr. Minh Ho from the University of Sydney.

A number of ASCENT plants have been selected for the final techno-economic evaluation. In particular the integration of Ascent technologies Ca-Cu, SER with indirectly heated calciner  and oxy-fuel calciner and C-Shift  in hydrogen and power plants has been carried out.

Breakeven CAPEX and OPEX have been calculated, defining an area of economic competitiveness of the novel Ascent technologies with the methodology developed in collaboration with the Australian partners of the University of Sydney.

Overall results of the heat and mass balances of selected plants have been evaluated. Details of the main outcomes are reported in the works below.

Links to the scientific papers produced in ASCENT project:

  1. Integration of the Ca−Cu Process in Ammonia Production Plants
  2. Packed bed Ca-Cu Looping Process Integrated with a Natural Gas Combined Cycle for Low Emission Power production
  3. Increasing the carbon capture efficiency of the Ca/Cu looping process for power production with advanced process schemes
C-Shift process ina full scale combined cycle-base power plant integrated Ca-Cu process in a full scale combined cycle-based power plant SER process in a full scale SOFC-based power plant

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme  FP7 under grant agreement n° 608512